Stowarzyszenie Rozwoju i Współpracy Regionalnej „Olza” [the Olza Association for Regional Development and Cooperation] (SRiWR Olza), based in Cieszyn, is an organisation established in 1998 as a voluntary agreement of municipalities and districts in the Republic of Poland, active in supporting local and regional development in the area adjacent to the Polish-Czech border in the region of the course of the river Olza.

The primary objective of the Olza SRiWR is supporting local and regional development in the area adjacent to the Czech-Polish border in the Olza river region.
These objectives are consistent with the goals of the Euroregion Cieszyn Silesia, through which the Olza Association fulfils its mission which is supra-local cooperation with the Czech partner.

The Association manages the Polish Tourism Brand Cieszyn Silesia as well as it is a leader of the Polish-Czech-Slovak EuroInstitute network.

Members of the Association are the municipalities of Brenna, Chybie, Cieszyn, Dębowiec, Godów, Goleszów, Hażlach, Istebna, Jasienica, Jastrzębie-Zdrój (the township), Jaworze, Skoczów, Strumień, Ustroń, Wisła, Zebrzydowice and Powiat Cieszyński (the country district).


The aim of the Association is to promote local and regional development in the member municipalities and districts.

The statutes of the Olza Association for Development and Regional Cooperation state that it will pursue its objectives by, among other things:

  • searching for new opportunities for economic development and employment of the inhabitants, through measures aimed at improving the technical infrastructure, and initiatives to attract investors;
  • promoting a favourable image of the region with an emphasis on its favourable location and other qualities conducive to economic development;
  • activities aimed at improving the condition of the natural environment;
  • educational activities aiming at exchanging information, knowledge and experience regarding local and regional development;
  • cultural and sporting activities to popularise the values ​​that build the regional identity of the inhabitants;
  • creating conditions for the widest possible international contacts of the inhabitants with particular emphasis on cross-border cooperation with local authorities and other organisations of the Czech Republic;
  • undertaking publishing, training and promotional activities concerning the scope of activity of the Association and its members;
  • conducting publishing, training and promotional activities related to the scope of activities of the Association and its members
  • conducting pro-European activities, in particular information and educational issues, within the framework of the Euroregional Center for European Information operating at the Association
  • carrying out activities in the field of tourism, in particular, creating and promoting supra-local tourist products, collecting, processing and sharing supra-local tourist information available within the framework of the Border Information Agency operating at the Association, as well as cooperation with the tourist industry
  • any other activities which may contribute to the achievement of the Association's objectives and the interests of its members, taking into account the specific location of the region at the meeting point of Polish and Czech municipalities and the opportunities this location provides for the border regions of both countries.
Through cooperation within the Cieszyn Silesia Euroregion, the Association additionally:

It supports development in cross-border areas, particularly in the following fields:

  • Exchange of experience and information on regional development,
  • Exchange of experience and information concerning the labour market,
  • Cooperation in spatial planning,
  • Solving common problems in the fields of transport, communication and security of citizens, as well,
  • Solving common problems concerning ecology and natural environment,
  • Cooperation in preventing and dealing with the consequences of natural disasters,
  • Cooperation in both economic and commercial fields,
  • Development of tourism, traveller traffic including further improvement of border traffic,
  • Actions supporting the development of culture, education and sport, especially the exchange of information concerning these activities,
  • Cultural exchange and care for the common cultural heritage,
  • Mutual cooperation between rescue and mountain services in the Euroregion,
  • Cooperation between schools and young people in the Euroregion.

The Euroregion supports the interests of cities and communes, associations, organizations and individuals that correspond with the development goals of the region.

At the regional level, the Euroregion supports all those activities that lead to the accession of the Republic of Poland and the Czech Republic to the European Union.

The Euroregion creates favourable conditions for conclusion of international agreements leading to cross-border cooperation.

The Association pursues its objectives and tasks by implementing its own projects and supporting projects of other institutions.